Recommended Websites

  • Not sure how to start lesson planning? Check out our Resource Guide for ideas and guidance.
  • News for You Online: Easy-to-read online newspaper. It includes seven news stories posted weekly as well as a glossary, audio assistance and vocabulary exercises.
  • ESL Writing Online Workshops: Video workshops on many writing topics, including developing ideas, revising, editing and polishing. Great for students and tutors!
  • Delicious Links: We frequently recommend specialized websites for tutors to visit for new ideas and free, multi-sensory teaching resources. By visiting you can access these resources at any computer you use-at home, work, library or coffee shop. You can search the site using various “tags” which organize information by content. The list of useful sites grows continually. Click here for a tutorial of the site.
  • Many Helpful Websites in One Document: Click to download a Word document that has 50 links to websites that tutors can use. They address issues in reading, speaking, writing, math, citizenship and many other topics that learners need help with. Simply open the document and click on the live links. It’s a must-have!
  • The Blog of Literacy: Since January, 2007, Literacy Network’s blog (a contraction of the term web log) has provided a forum for Literacy Network staff, tutors, teachers and learners to share ideas and resources. It includes regular tutor tips, embedded video and links to free resources from around the world. It has had more than 15,000 visits.
    • First Tutoring Sessions Videos: Are you a first-time tutor? A returning tutor looking to ease the transition of starting a new match? Watch this 10-minute video to see how an expert tutor handles her first lesson with a new learner.
    • Check out these great tutor tips from Literacy DuPage. They also provide some excellent videos of sample lessons that model best tutoring practices!
    • ProLiteracy Education Network has a great site! Loaded with lesson plans and interactive activities/games, it’s an excellent source for lesson materials. The site also features several pages that assist in instructor development, including online courses and trainings.
    • Mango Languages: Access Mango’s online courses with your valid Madison Public Library card. Learners can use this to practice English with you or during their own time. Mango offers instruction in a variety of languages, so check out this resource for yourself, too!
    • Puzzle Maker: Create crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes and more with this helpful website! Another helpful site for tutors with learners who like games and puzzles is The Problem Site. Enjoy!

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