Reading (ABE)

If a student needs help with decoding, context/definition, fluency, comprehension or pronunciation of words you can use the following resources to begin lesson planning for him or her.

  • Visit Little ABE
  • Access the dictionary and thesaurus to identify words that will help build skills in the above areas of reading
  • Develop a list of site words or words frequently used in the student’s workplace or at home
  • Use daily journaling and creative writing prompts that are related to the student’s life and experiences (ex: Who is the person you admire most? What are three things you would change if you were president?”
  • Assign daily reading assignments from a level-appropriate source and that is based on the student’s interests
  • Assign online reading material such as news or information on pages that interest the student (ex: CNN, USA Today, The Huffington Post, or the website of a famous figure the student admires)
  • Send the student through Voyager reading series 1-8, which is located in the ABE Library at Literacy Network (placement tool)
  • Assign an end-of-semester activity that allows the student to demonstrate his/her skills development (be creative and feel free to consult with ABE Director Ezi Adesi!)
  • Reading Essentials Power Point Presentation